Nicholas Hoult Suits Up for GQ and Shares Excitement Over Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Win


nicholashoult-gq-022813Nicholas Hoult sure cleans up well!

The Jack & The Giant Slayer star is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine where he models some snazzy suits.

While some definitely think of Hoult as a heartthrob, there is someone who doesn’t…him! He told People, “I don’t think I’m really a heartthrob. I’m pretty lanky and goofy looking! But it’s very flattering and that’s very nice if anyone does see me as being attractive.”

Hoult also recently split from longtime girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence and it seems like the two are on good terms. They will soon be reuniting onscreen for X-Men: Days of Future Past. So what does the 23-year-old think of Jennifer’s big Oscar win? “I’m very, very happy for her,” he told E!. “”I’m thrilled! [Silver Linings Playbook] was great!”

What a sweet guy! Click inside for more pics from Nicholas’ GQ shoot and from the Jack & The Giant Slayer premiere! The movie hits theaters tomorrow.

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