Will Austin and Ally Finally Reveal Their Feelings? Watch a “Chapters and Choices” Clip


austinally-clip-021813Did you watch last night’s “Austin & Ally”? If so, you know that some major news was dropped! If you didn’t, you might want to go watch it before reading the rest of this…

So a few episodes ago we learned that Ally has feelings for Austin and last night Austin finally realized his feelings. So will Auslly finally happen?

It looks like in next week’s episode, “Chapters & Choices,” we might get our answer. When Ally’s mom comes home to host a book release party, Ally works up the courage to finally conquer her stage fright and she performs a duet with Austin at the event…but will her feelings get in the way?

Check out a clip from the episode below and click inside for R5’s Radio Disney Total Access segment!