Jesse McCartney Stars in ‘Campus Life’ Featuring New JumpView Movie Format


jessemccartney-campuslife-021713We bet you’ve never experience a college campus quite like this!

Jesse McCartney stars in Campus Life, a full-length feature film which is the first JumpView movie available immediately at The film follows scared and confused students who are targets running out of time. Viewers unearth the mystery that is Campus Life through the eyes of five characters – as each unravels unusual events on a college campus, they find that “the Truth doesn’t always set you free.”

The innovative JumpView format approaches storytelling in a new way, offering a “me-centric,” snackable viewing experience for mobile devices, smart TVs, Macs and PCs. Not a theatrical experience and not a webisode, JumpView lets viewers watch individual character storylines independently and out of sequence according to personal preference. With the ability to jump from device to device without losing your place, JumpView movies provide a second screen experience that can be viewed anywhere and at any time for audiences who are connected 24/7/365.

JumpView Start Films and two character episodes are always free to view at Campus Life is priced at $4.99, and viewers have three days to watch the movie as many times as they choose.

How cool is that?!?! An interactive movie experience. Be sure to check out the trailer below.