Debby Ryan Dances Up a Storm in Latest “RyanStyle” Video


debbyryan-ryanstyle-021413Happy Valentine’s Day!

Debby Ryan is celebrating the holiday by sharing her latest episode of RyanStyle. For the video, Debby has teamed up with dancer Chris Koehl and her team to tell a cute story of boy meets girl set to dance and showing off some super cute fashions.

Debby writes, “Our Valentine’s Day episode of Ryan Style is such an incredible video for me; I put my heart into every area, from the initial concept to the track we created, choreo, looks, camera blocking, all the way through the final edit.

We got together an incredibly talented skeleton crew and pulled some fabulous looks from some of my favourite brands.

I wanted to showcase romanticism in upcoming trends, and get a lot of requests for style help for my guy fans, so this was my answer to all of those! The video takes you right as you first lay eyes on someone: flirting, the first date where you’re still semi-formal, daytime getting to know each other, fun going out together, a formal debut as a couple [be it a school dance or a friend’s wedding].

No matter where you’re at in a relationship, every sort of date look is represented here.
The best part is that this episode of Ryan Style shows you how to add romance to your own wardrobe, love interest or not.”

Take a look at Debby’s latest video below. What do you think?