“Glee”: Go Behind-the-Scenes and Watch All the Performances from “Naked”


glee-naked-020113Did you watch “Glee” last night? If so, you missed out on some great musical numbers and some hot eye candy!

**Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched** In the episode titled “Naked,” Tina has the great idea of making a “Men of McKinley” calendar to raise money for regionals now that the Warblers have been booted for steroid use. Sam takes the lead on getting all the guys in shape for the shoot even though he is mostly just going crazy because he only got a 340 on his SAT while Brittany got a near perfect score.

In the meantime, Rachel is struggling with doing a topless scene for a student film and Kurt calls in Santana and Quinn to talk some sense into her. How trippy was it when the old Rachel was singing “Torn” with the new Rachel?

One of our favorite moments was the duet of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” by Jake and Marley. So cute!

If you want to get a peek into how the guys got those ripped bodies and watch all the performances from last night, click inside! Also check out the preview for next week’s “Diva” episode!