Cher Lloyd and Carly Rae Jepsen Land Guest Roles on “Big Time Rush” and “Shake It Up”


carly-cher-012313Looks like two of music’s hottest young acts are heading to TV!

Entertainment Weekly broke the news yesterday that both Cher Lloyd and Carly Rae Jepsen have landed guest roles on two of our favorite shows.

First up, UK sensation Cher Lloyd will be stopping by “Big Time Rush.” She will tape her episode the week of Jan. 27 and it is set to air later this Spring. In the episode, James, desperate for attention, and Katie (Ciaro Bravo) create a lie that he and Cher Lloyd are releasing a hot new duet and video.

“We have been a huge fan of Cher Lloyd’s work since X-Factor. We are so excited to have her guest starring on BTR. She has a charming, sweet, and funny personality, which is a perfect fit for our show,” says BTR’s Logan Henderson. This will be the show’s fourth season, scheduled for 13 episodes.

What else will be going down in the episode? The band makes headlines when Lucy (Malese Jow), Kendall’s ex-girlfriend, pulls a sort of Taylor Swift and releases an album about being dumped by Kendall and it becomes a huge hit. Meanwhile Carlos gets bad press when he attempts to swat a bee but it looks like he’s hitting old ladies.

Next up, Carly will guest star on the February 24 episode of “Shake It Up.” Feb. 24 episode. She will play herself and she’ll perform her song “Sweetie” on the show’s show-within-a-show, Shake It Up, Chicago! In the episode, CeCe (Thorne) and Rocky (Zendaya) help Miss Burke (Tyra Banks) win over the heart of her crush, Mr. Zigfeld (Alfonso Ribeiro), while Logan, Ty and Deuce help Flynn build a soapbox car.

Which of these shows are you most excited to see?