Relive A Capella Boot Camp with the Cast of “Pitch Perfect”


pitchperfect-bts-012113We don’t care that Pitch Perfect came out back in October 2012, we’re still obsessed with it!

Thankfully we have our DVD to watch on repeat, but it looks like there are some featurettes that didn’t make it on to the disc! A-ca-scuse me?! Yup, we’ve found two featurettes online that we definitely recommend checking out if you’re a fan of this movie.

The first chronicles the journey the cast and crew had at a capella bootcamp that started four weeks prior to shooting. The girls and guys each had to work on their vocals and choreography and present them to the producers to make sure this movie could be pulled off.

“It was like going to college, really. It was kind of cool. You’d see your schedule on the blackboard and you’d know you’d have to be at a five hour dance rehearsal then you’d go to singing class at a certain time,” Anna Camp shared.

The second featurette follows the overall making of the movie including the famous vomit scene. These are definitely worth a watch, especially just to find out what will come out of Rebel Wilson’s mouth.

What is your favorite thing about Pitch Perfect?