Dylan O’Brien Hits the Writers Room for “Teen Wolf”


dylanobrien-teenwolf-011713Dylan O’Brien plays one of our favorite sidekicks on TV – Stiles on “Teen Wolf.”

Stiles always has some hilarious lines and Dylan is known to adlib a lot of them. As it turns out, the writers have been trying to get Dylan in the room to write with them for a while.

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“I have long been trying to get Dylan O’Brien to sit down and write with me. Sometimes I’ll harass him to help me come up with a funnier line. And most people know he gets in an ad-lib or two,” producer Jeff Davis told MTV.

“But tonight, after he wrapped his acting work for the day, we actually sat down and wrote a scene together. We’ll see if fans can guess which one as it will show up in episode 306.”

We have a feeling the scene Dylan helped write will be a funny one. Or maybe he’ll fool us all and write a really dramatic scene. What do you think?