Samantha Barks and Fra Fee: Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Les Miserables’


samanthabarks-frafee-lesmisbts-011213Samantha Barks and Fra Fee try to keep warm in this cute behind-the-scenes pic from Les Miserables.

The film just opened this week in the UK and to celebrate, the two actors released some fun behind-the-scenes photos on their twitters. Samantha shared a few of her as Eponine including her first day on set and even wielding some weapons. Our favorite has to be her in costume trying to stay warm with additional layers She wrote, “On set, one of the only times as Eponine I was not cold and wet!!! Haha.”

Fra, who plays Courfeyrac, shared some of the guys hanging out together on set including at the barricade and even in their post-battle makeup.

Les Miserables just earned 8 Academy Award nominations including best picture and will vy for a trophy tomorrow night at the Golden Globes.

Samantha has definitely proven to be one of the breakout stars of the film and she is currently in the last leg of the Oliver! UK tour in which she plays Nancy. The 22-year-old had a chance to chat with Guide 2 Bristol about her experience in the film, on stage and what’s next after Oliver! ends February 24.

Oliver! is more than 50 years old; it premiered in 1960; why do you think it remains so popular? It’s got such a great British spirit to it, which people really connect to. When you say you’re in Oliver people starting singing Consider Yourself in the street…people know these songs and they love it, it’s got such a great British pride about it. It’s a fantastic show to be part of, to see the people in the audience mouthing along to the lyrics, it’s great.

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How difficult is it for you to have to play against different people playing the characters, with four Olivers and four Dodgers, do you find it strange when you get on stage and it’s a different person from one show to the next? No, I kind of find it exciting really. It’s always fun because each child brings something different to the characters, the Nancy/Oliver relationship is different with every child and that’s exciting. They’ve all got such fantastic qualities about them, but they’re all so different. Yeah, it’s really fun.

What’s your favourite moment in the show? I love Oom Pah Pah! It’s a moment when I get to be on stage with the whole adult company and we have so much fun doing that number. It’s meant to be where everyone in the town comes together for this raucous night out and it really is that. We all get on so well and to be up on stage having a great time really is fantastic.

When the curtain goes down in Bristol on 24 February it will signal the end of the Oliver! tour – what’s next? It’s definitely an exciting time right now. There are a couple of things on the horizon which I can’t necessarily talk about but which I am very excited about. My aim is to try to strike a balance between stage and screen, that’ll be my ultimate dream, to build a varied career in both.

Read the full interview here. So what would you like to see Samantha do next? More stage? More film? Even more TV? (She currently stars as Zoe on Disney Channel UK’s “Groove High.”)

What was your favorite part of Les Miserables? Who was your favorite character? Click inside for more pics…