Samantha Barks Gets the Oscar Buzz Going in ‘Entertainment Weekly’


samanthabarks-ewoscarbuzz-010613Nominations for the 2013 Academy Awards aka the Oscars will be announced on January 10 and one name that has a chance of finding its way to the shortlist is newcomer Samantha Barks.

Samantha is one of the supporting characters in Les Miserables that steals the show. While Anne Hathaway is a shoe-in to get a nod, many believe that the 22-year-old could join her co-star in the race.

Entertainment Weekly has a great profile on the stage actress who is currently on tour in the UK playing Nancy in Oliver!, in their Winter TV Preview issue.

The movie is not the first time Samantha has brought Eponine to life. She played the character in the West End production from 2010 to 2011 and also at the 25th Anniversary concert at the 02 arena in 2010. She opened up to EW about how she brought a fresh spin to such a beloved character.

“I wanted to get more background on this girl,” she said explaining how she went back to Victor Hugo’s original novel for inspiration. “There are so many details that can be added when the camera is so close to you.”

If you’re a fan of the musical and the new musical movie adaptation, then you know that some things have changed such as song order and more of the original novel have been brought into the later, including Eponine’s fate. **SPOILER** In the musical, Eponine re-enters the barricade after being shot however the musical movie shows Eponine taking a bullet for Marius, which is how the character dies in the novel.

So what does Samantha think of all the Oscar buzz she’s generating from her debut film role? “It’s exciting for the film to be received so humbly.”

And now that she’s had a taste of the film life, what is her dream role? “I would love to maintain a healthy balance between stage and film. But my ultimate dream is to be a Bond girl – a bad-ass Bond girl.”

For more of Samantha’s “Let the Buzz Begin” profile article, pick up the January 11 issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands now. Our fingers are crossed for Samantha on Oscar nomination day!