Dylan O’Brien: Stiles Is Keeping His Long Hair for “Teen Wolf” Season 3


Stiles fans rejoice – the long hair is staying!

Dylan O’Brien plays one of our favorite characters on “Teen Wolf” and now that the show is in production and filming season 3, fans wanted to know if Dylan would once again have to shave his head. Thanks to the Teen Wolf tumblr, we know the long hair is here to stay!

Dylan told us off camera before our interview for The First Time that he would love to keep his hair for the show but it was more of a character decision since most of the seasons pick up not long after the previous ended. For continuity purposes it would have looked odd.

Now with “Teen Wolf” season 3 underway, we can look forward to a bunch of new characters including some Alpha twins played by Charlie & Max Carver who will probably bring some trouble with them.

Are you excited for season 3 of “Teen Wolf”? Are you happy to see Dylan with his longer hair?