Which Member of One Direction Falls In Love the Fastest? Plus Watch More of their TODAY Show Concert (Video)


Get ready for round 2 of One Direction on the TODAY show!

The band performed on the show yesterday, bringing out a record 15,000 fans. On today’s show, they aired “Kiss You,” “Moments,” and “One Thing.” Check them out after the jump!

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The guys are also featured on MTV where they talked about their favorite songs on Take Me Home and played a fun game of who’s most likely to…

So who is most likely to fall in love the easiest? Newly single Liam raised his hand first! Which member is most likely to cry at the movies? “I get close a lot,” Harry Styles revealed. “You know when you get the shivers?”

Louis Tomlinson added, “Do any of you watch ‘One Tree Hill?’ When Uncle Keith died, that was a tearful moment!”

Aww, they can sing, they’re sweet and sensitive! Check out all the videos inside…