Fans Line the NYC Streets Ahead of One Direction’s Today Show Concert + Daily Mail Photoshoot BTS (Video)


One Direction have taken the world, especially the US, by storm and the streets of NYC will confirm it.

The lads of 1D are set to rock out on the Today Show tomorrow and it turns out that fans have been camping out since…wait for it…Thursday! Die hard Directioners have been lining up at Rockefeller Plaza and there have been so many that over the weekend, security guards had to ask them to pack up after they were given orange wristbands with their spot on the line handwritten in black marker.

“We can’t let the line go to Central Park,” a cop told TIME. “There are just way too many people, and now they are starting to block the bus lane.”

Talk about craziness! We know we definitely can’t wait to see 1D on the Today Show.

One Direction is also featured at the Daily Mail. Check out behind-the-scenes of their photoshoot plus more videos!

Who would you camp out all night to see? Don’t forget that Take Me Home is out tomorrow!