Exclusive: Dylan O’Brien and Jon Kasdan Interviews for ‘The First Time’ (Video)


Dylan O’Brien stars as the quirky Stiles on “Teen Wolf,” but starting this weekend, you can see him as shy-hopeless-romantic Dave in The First Time.

The movie is a high school romance that follows two teenagers over the course of one weekend. Dave (O’Brien), a senior about to graduate, and Aubrey (Robertson), a junior from a different school, meet one night at a party. What begins as a casual conversation soon turns into something more intimate, more romantic, and more complicated than either of them is ready for. It could be the beginning of a serious relationship or the worst mistake of their lives.

We had the chance to sit down with Dylan to talk all about the movie and what he was like in high school. Did you know that Dylan was shy? Or that he’s a hopeless romantic?

Watch the full interview below as well as our chat with director/writer Jon Kasdan. Watch our interview with Britt Robertson about the film here.

The First Time is open in select theaters now.