Zendaya and Coco Jones Team Up with Invisalign at Radio Disney’s N.B.T. Concert


Zendaya and Coco Jones show off their Invisalign at the Radio Disney N.B.T. concert in Hollywood on Saturday.

Both of these stars are choosing the “clear” alternative to braces to give them the best smile possible.

“I picked Invisalign instead of braces because I’m always on camera and now that I have invisible braces no one can really tell,” Coco shared about her choice. “They’re so barely there that I forget that they’re there and have to remember to take them out when I eat. I honestly don’t notice a difference when I sing. I wake up and see all these changes in my teeth and my smile. I feel more confident about my smile and I smile more which is great.”

Zendaya added, “Everybody has to be ready for their close-up. I had this one tooth that just likes to stick out and I want to be perfectly confident in my smile, so that’s why I’m excited about getting my Invisalign.”

We love both girls’ smiles and can’t wait to see what they look like after Invisalign!