McFly Suits Up and Gets Candid with Fabulous Magazine + ‘The Best Of’ Track List


McFly suits up for the cover of the latest issue of Fabulous magazine in the UK.

The quartet are celebrating the release of their autobiography, Unsaid Things…Our Story, and are opening up about some very personal things for the first time in the book and with the mag.

Tom Fletcher was diagnosed as bipolar but kept the illness a secret from his bandmates until he could figure it out. “For a long time I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was difficult to be with, I was a complete a** a lot of the time. God knows how the other boys put up with me. I’d go through cycles. I’d have periods of being fine and feeling really creative, then I’d go into a black zone where I didn’t want to be with anyone else. I argued about everything and was just incredibly unhappy…I’d never heard of bipolar, but when I was at my lowest I read an article about it and cried because I knew that was me. I watched Stephen Fry’s documentary The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive and I knew then for sure. It was a massive relief because it meant I could do something. I was put on medication and started seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist. I also started sleep therapy, which was incredible.”

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On a happier note, the guys of McFly are excited for December when Harry Judd walks down the aisle to become the second member of the band to tie the knot. We have to say, the story of Harry and his fiancee Izzy is the cutest thing. “As soon as I saw her [in 2005, when she toured with McFly as part of classical music group Escala] I knew she was special. We had our first kiss right after the end of the tour, and she came back to my house and stayed for a week. Then she had to leave to work abroad and told me that she didn’t know if it would work. I was 19, in a pop band, and she’d just come out of a relationship.”

“She didn’t think it was very real. I just looked at her and said: “But I’m going to marry you.” It was like this gut instinct – I just knew. I reminded her of that moment when I proposed to her last year [in St Lucia] but she’d completely forgotten about it.”

To read more of the guys’ intimate Fabulous interview, go here and be sure to pick up a copy of their book!

Also, get excited McFly fans! The group will be releasing Memory Lane: The Best Of McFly on November 26 and it’s a must-have for any galaxy defender! The album features McFly’s biggest ever hits, 3 brand new tracks plus the 2003 demo versions of ‘That Girl’ and ‘Obviously’ which led to the band’s record contract. The 3 new tracks are ‘Do Watcha’, ‘Cherry Cola’ and the new single ‘Love Is Easy’ (out Nov 18th).

There’s also a Deluxe version of the album including a bonus disc of all the band’s famous b-sides, live tracks and several previously unreleased McFly tracks.

Memory Lane: The Best of McFly: Album Track listing:
1. Love is Easy
2. Shine a Light (radio edit)
3. Party Girl
4. Falling in Love (radio edit)
5. Do Ya
6. Lies
7. One for the Radio
8. The Heart Never Lies
9. Transylvania
10. Friday Night
11. Stargirl
12. Don’t Stop Me Now
13. I’ll Be OK
14. All About You
15. Room on the Third Floor
16. Obviously
17. Five Colours in Her Hair
18. Do Watcha
19. Cherry Cola
20. That Girl – original 2003 demo
21. Obviously – demo 2003 demo
22. Memory Lane

Memory Lane: The Best of McFly DELUXE Album CD 2Track listing:
1. Umbrella
2. Lola (featuring Busted)
3. The Guy Who Turned Her Down
4. Get Over You
5. You’ve Got a Friend
6. No Worries
7. Silence is a Scary Sound (live)
8. Sunny Side of the Street
9. Memory Lane
10. Surferbabe
11. Ignorance
12. Purple and Blue
13. Mess Around You
14. Easy Way Out
15. Rockin Robin
16. POV acoustic
17. She Love You
18. Mr. Brightside
19. Little Joanna
20. Bubblewrap
21. 5 Colours – USA Version