Dylan O’Brien Is ‘Da Man’


Dylan O’Brien unzips his jacket in this new shot from Da Man.

The “Teen Wolf” star posed for some amazing shots and also sat down for a chat all about “Teen Wolf,” his new movie The First Time, and his upcoming movie The Internship.

The story online is that you were originally considered for the role of Scott, but that you found yourself more interested in playing Stiles. Is that true? What attracted you to the character?
Dylan O’Brien: Yes, it’s true. I was originally sent the appointment email for Scott and when I read the pilot, Stiles is the character that stood out to me. When auditioning or preparing for a character, I think it’s essential, as an actor, to have an instinctual understanding of that character’s role in the storyline. And for me, I understood the Stiles role in the Teen Wolf world whole-heartedly and I saw him as being the heart and soul of the show. I wanted the chance to play that.

One of the major foundations of the show is the friendship (or, as some might say, bromance) between Stiles and Scott. But executive producer Jeff Davis hinted that their friendship may be tested in season 3. What could come between these two best buds?
Dylan O’Brien: That’s really interesting. I don’t think anything could come between them, but I think their situation is tough and that they’re going down different paths while growing up. What happens when we grow up is there are responsibilities that we have to deal with and at times, that means sacrificing things like friendship. Their friendship’s already been tested and that’s basically what we’ve seen in the first two seasons. We know that they have a really strong foundation, kind of like a brotherhood. It’s really organic and just kind of built-in to them, so that’s not to say that they are going to break up or not be friends anymore, it just means, they have less time for their friendship.

Are you currently working on The Internship? Can you tell us a little bit about that film and the character you play in it?
Dylan O’Brien: Yes, The Internship is about Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson who play sales men in their 40’s. Their company goes under and they lose their jobs and are existing in this advanced technological world for which they are not equipped. They are clueless about the new times and what the new generation is like. They try to get an internship at Google so that they can start a new career path while enlightening themselves about the Technological age. Through some twisted loophole they get accepted into the program and so they are the two 40 year-old guys amidst the sea of 20 year-old geniuses all vying for jobs at Google. My character is Stuart. Stuart is very cynical, a know-it-all who spends his time buried in his phone. He is not very social. He knows nothing but his phone and the internet.

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