Savannah Outen: “Sing to Me” EP Out October 16


Even though we love all of Savannah Outen’s covers on Youtube, we cannot wait for new original music from the singer/songwriter. Thankfully, we only have to wait a few weeks for our wish to come true!

Savannah will be releasing her debut EP called “Sing to Me” on October 16, and not only are we getting the EP that week, but also a music video! The music video for her single, “Fairytales of LA,” will be released the following Friday, October 19th, 2012.

“I am extremely happy to announce the release of my debut EP. This is a gift to all the fans that have been on this journey with me, and I am really proud of these songs. I feel like everyone will be able to relate to them. It’s a bit different from the earlier songs I’ve released, but I think you’ll like them just as much!”

We cannot wait! We’ve already marked our calendars. Check out the tracklisting inside…

“SING TO ME” Tracklist
1. House of Cards
2. Fairytales Of LA
3. Spin The Wheel
4. Drive Me Home
5. Sing To Me
6. Closure