Big Time Rush: “No Idea” Music Video


Did you watch “Big Time Rush” this past weekend? If you did, then you know Kendall had quite the decision to make.

Jo (Katelyn Tarver) returned from Australia, to everyone’s surprise, just as Kendall was finally asking out Lucy (Malese Jow). Kendall was torn between the two girls and had to decide which he wanted to date. Who did he choose? Well, we don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it but at the end of the episode he knocked on the door of [spoiler alert] Jo’s apartment.

Leading up to the “big time decision,” the guys donned some stylish silver suits and performed a new music video for the track “No Idea” from their album Elevate.

Take a look below! Do you think Kendall made the right choice? Also, congrats to the guys of BTR on going gold in Mexico!

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