Cassie Steele: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Premiere Photos + “The L.A. Complex” Finale Talk


Cassie Steele hit up the premiere of Pitch Perfect in Hollywood on Monday evening.

Between working on music and filming “The L.A. Complex,” we’re happy to see Cassie had time to take in a hilarious movie.

Speaking of “The L.A. Complex,” have you been keeping up? The show is definitely one of our favorite shows of the year and we can’t get enough. Did you see the season finale last night?

Cassie spoked to Hollywood Life about Abby’s big decision.

What was your initial reaction to [the finale]? “Even when [the cast] read the scripts, we were floored. But I do like that everything’s really flexible. Every character still has a lot of options, which is great, because so many things can happen.”

And how did you feel about Abby choosing Gray over L.A.? “Well, she really did [come full circle.] She found someone she totally connects with, and I was excited to play a big romance.”

Read more of the interview here. Fingers crossed the finale was only the season finale & not the series. We want more!

Also attending the Pitch Perfect premiere were Dylan Riley Snyder and Rebecca Black.