Exclusive: Cody Simpson Talks ‘Finding Cody,’ ‘Paradise,’ And Touring with Justin Bieber


Cody Simpson sure is one busy 15-year-old!

The singer/songwriter has been out on the road all summer opening for Big Time Rush and he’s gearing up to hit the road for a week with Justin Bieber. In November, he’s also heading out to tour Europe for the first time! Does he ever get a break?!

Later today, Cody’s new interactive movie will be premiering on The Warner Sound’s Youtube and we had the chance to chat with him all about the movie, his upcoming album Paradise, and even about trying to write a song in a dentist’s chair!

Check it out.

You’ve been touring with Big Time Rush this Summer. How has that been? Really good so far! They’re a bunch of real great guys and the fans are pretty stoked about us being on tour together. It’s been a great summer and they’re really great entertainers. It’s just a big party every night.

Would you ever think about collaborating with BTR? Who knows. Maybe in the future, they’re really talented.

Do you get nervous before shows? I always get nervous, every time. It’s good because it gets the adrenaline pumping. It means that you really care about how you’re going to do on stage. You don’t want to mess it up. It’s a good thing. I’m good at turning nerves into positive energy.

You have Finding Cody, which is coming out. What’s it about? It’s an interactive movie for my fans. I’m always looking for new innovative ways to connect with my fans online. I try to be an innovator in that kind of world as a young artist. They can go on and watch the movie but they also get to make the decisions. They take the lives of these two characters, help them make their way backstage and everything.

What do you think fans will love the most about the movie? It depends on their decisions. There’s a lot of different outcomes. They get different options and they unlock different parts of the movie. They just got to wait and see.

Will this lead to more acting in the future? Maybe. I do have a little acting in this. I actually really enjoyed it. Right now I’m focused on the music and the album coming out. You never know what might happen in the future. I’m always looking to branch out into different things.

Your album Paradise comes out soon. Will it be similar to what we heard on Preview to Paradise? It will be similar. A lot of fun, cool, acoustic vibe. That real beach vibe that is a sound that is unique to me. That’s the kind of music I love to create the most. Then a couple of real fun dance tracks on there too.

Is there a track that stands out most to you? Not necessarily because I love them all in different ways. Of all 10 of them, it’s hard to choose one. I do love the title track and the album is called “Paradise.” I love the single “Wish U Were Here” as well.

Your album is called Paradise, what’s your idea of paradise? My idea of paradise…hmmm…Kind of where I grew up and I’m from. I don’t get to go home too often, so whenever I do get to go home and be with my mates and go to the beach back in Australia, it feels like paradise to me. Paradise is pretty much whatever you want it to be, which is why it’s a great name for an album. I really want my fans to get lost in their own kind of paradise when they listen to it.

You have shows with Justin Bieber & in Europe coming up. What are you looking forward to most with those? I’m definitely excited to jump on tour with Justin for a week. I’m super excited and it’s cool that he asked me to join in on the first week just as my album is coming out. Should be fun because I’m doing a lot of shows on the West Coast with him. Then, I’m heading over to Europe in November, I’ve never been there before. I love all the places I’ve never been. I’m looking forward to the UK and Paris.

Who would you want to go on tour with? Oh man, that’s a good question. It’s tough because a lot of the artists I look up to have a different fan base, but that’d be fun. I really love artists like Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. I look up to them. Justin Timberlake is definitely an inspiration of mine.

What do you think fans will learn about you after listening to Paradise? I think it really does give a great representation of who I am through my music. When they listen to it and the sound, the origins of that kind of music, they will really understand where I’m from, the lifestyle I live and how I grew up. Like I said, there’s a lot of beachy, fun, real cool vibe songs on there.

Where is the weirdest place you’ve been inspired to write a song? I usually write songs when I’m in my most relaxed state. If I’m laying in bed, I usually come up with a lot of ideas. I write a lot on planes because I travel a lot. I do get inspired at random times throughout the day, too, and I’ll have to get out my phone and write some stuff down/record stuff. I tried to write a song in a dentist chair one time. They kept telling me to “shut up” because I was trying to remember lyrics and I had all the tools in my mouth.

You have some amazing fans. Any message for them? I’m really excited for the Finding Cody movie and I just released a new iPhone app. It’s called Sticking with Cody. You can go on it and pretty much see how far away I am from you at any time. I can log in from a venue and fans can see that I’m pretty close to them. I’m super excited for the album, honestly, and I love the fans and I wouldn’t be here without them.

BE sure to check out Finding Cody and pick up Paradise on October 2!