The Bolts to Play the Troubadour Tomorrow Night in Celebration of New EP!


The Troubadour will be rocking on Saturday night thanks to our friends The Bolts!

The So-Cal pop-rock band will be celebrating the release of their new EP by performing at The Troubadour on September 15. The band is promoting the release of their back-to-back seasonal EP’s kicking off with the release of aptly titled Fall 2012 EP on September 21.

We chatted with keyboardist and vocalist Austin Farmer about the upcoming show.

What can fans look forward to at your big concert at the Troubadour? Our EP release party at the Troubadour in LA this Saturday at 7 PM is going to be our biggest and most exciting show yet. From the very first opening act until the last downbeat of the night, fans can expect to enjoy thrilling live performances from our friends, including Jeremy Passion, Young Beautiful In A Hurry, Hudson, and DJ Josh Stevens, as well as many surprises. We’re playing all of the songs off our “Fall” EP as well as fan favorites and have an action-packed set ready for all to hear.

You have a new EP coming out this month. What are you most excited for fans to hear with it? Our new EP, entitled “Fall,” is releasing worldwide this Saturday, September 15th. We are stoked to have fans hear the songs from “Fall,” including “Walk Away,” “This Can’t Be Real,” “The Truth,” and “We May Fall,” and to have them sing along and rock out with us at our concerts. These songs are very special to us because they have a similar theme in common. As the lyrics of “We May Fall” describe, we all must chase the aspirations in our hearts and follow our passions no matter what may come our way, because “While we may fall we’ll still have it all / Our hearts and our minds are guided by our calling.”

Any message for your fans? Thank you for being so supportive throughout the whole journey. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s only going to get crazier from here. We couldn’t have done anything without guys, and we’re incredibly thankful every day for your support. You are all the best!

If you’re in the area, be sure to come out for a fun night of music! Get your tickets here!