Exclusive: Ashley Argota, Lulu Antariksa and IM5 Interviews from 2012 Chance to Play (Video)


Earlier this month we had the chance to take part in a great event called Chance to Play and now we wanted to share some of our interviews with you!

Chance to Play 2012 brought together soccer, celebrities and a lot of fun all to benefit children in need here at home and across the globe. The event was created by Kyle Weiss, the founder of FUNDaFIELD and Ryan Potter, the founder of Toy Box of Hope.

We had the chance to chat with Ashley Argota, Lulu Antariksa, IM5, Stephen Kramer Glickman, Stephen Lunsford, and Trevor Jackson at the event, where we found out why they wanted to support such a great cause and who the biggest competition on the soccer field was going to be.

Check out the interviews below!

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Photos: Tyler Ross & Lisa Weiss