Exclusive: Bridgit Mendler Talks “Lemonade Mouth 2” and New Music (Video)


We were bummed a few months ago when Chris Brochu and Hayley Kiyoki informed fans on twitter that there would be no “Lemonade Mouth 2.” (However, there will be in book form.)

When we saw Bridgit Mendler on the set of “Good Luck Charlie” recently, we had to ask her about her thoughts on the news and of course, what’s coming up with her album!

“There’s not going to be a “Lemonade Mouth 2″,” Bridgit told us. “The reason behind that is that they just thought the story was done after the first movie. You guys don’t want a bad sequel, we don’t want to make a bad sequel…I’m so glad so many people loved it. If Disney one day changes their mind and want to do a “Lemonade Mouth” reunion, we’d be so happy because we had so much fun together.”

Bridgit also gave us an update on her album which is almost finished! “My album is coming along very well. I’m excited for people to hear it and I’ve committed myself to making a project that I think is very cohesive. It works together as a complete album and each song means something to me.”

So will she be collaborating with anyone we know? “There are no collaborations and that was an intentional choice because I feel that if this album flops, I should take the complete heat for that. I want everyone to hear me before they start hearing me with someone else.”

Watch our full interview below. Are you sad there won’t be a “Lemonade Mouth 2”? Are you excited for Bridgit’s album?