Behind-the-Scenes of Taylor Swift’s New ‘CoverGirl’ Commercial (Video)


Taylor Swift shows off her rocker side in her new ad campaign for CoverGirl.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Taylor explains, “The whole message of this campaign is ‘See Yourself, Be Yourself.’ I think that’s really important. I look at it as self-awareness.”

In addition to the rock look, Taylor went glam, clean, and country, and she loves showing off the different sides of herself. “I think in life, we all have a bunch of different versions of ourselves. That goes with our personality, how we act around our friends, in a job interview. It’s all very different how we act and I think it’s all equally different, the way we choose to dress, the way we choose to do our makeup. The cool thing about makeup is it can so different on any given day.”

Check out the BTS look at Taylor’s shoot below and take a look at the ads here. Which look is your favorite?