Exclusive: Max Charles Talks ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’


If you’re heading to the theater to see The Amazing Spider-Man this week, be sure to keep an eye out for the adorable up-and-comer Max Charles.

Max plays the young Peter Parker in the action flick and this kid has talent! You might also recognize him from The Three Stooges.

We had the chance to chat with Max about the big role and what’s next!

How excited were you when you found out you landed the part in The Amazing Spider-Man? Do you remember where you were? I couldn’t believe that my first Feature Film role was going to be in The Amazing Spiderman as PETER PARKER!

I was at home with my brothers and parents when we got the phone call from Pedro ( my agent) and Margot (my Manager) with the news. We were all screaming! I couldn’t believe it!! Spiderman has always been my favorite super hero and I even dressed up as Spiderman one Halloween when I was little! I can’t believe my dream to play Spiderman has come true !

What was it like getting to play a young Peter Parker? It is very special to me to get to play young Peter Parker because this is the FIRST time they have ever shown him as a child. I think this is making history

Were you a big Spider-Man fan? I’m a HUGE Spiderman fan! I was Spiderman for Halloween when I was little and my parents said I wore the costume whenever I could for several months

What can fans look forward to with your scenes? A side of Peter Parker they have never seen before!

Even though you appear in the flashback scenes, did you get to meet Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone & the rest of the cast? I actually saw Emma and Andrew a lot at the set in LA and in New York. The first time I met Emma was in her trailer. It was so funny because she dropped her pen and we both bent down to pick it up and bumped heads. We laughed so much, and every time I saw her on set we would always laugh about it.

Andrew was Great and I liked talking with him and watching him shoot some scenes. It helped me to watch him do scenes so I could make young Peter Parker like Andrew makes the teenage Peter Parker.

I also spent a lot of time with Martin and Sally since I am in scenes with them and they were great! Mr. Sheen and I discovered that we are both originally from Dayton Ohio and loved a lot of the same places.

What do you think fans of Spider-Man will love most about this new version? They get to see parts of Peter Parkers life that they have never seen before plus Andrew is AMAZING as Spiderman. He’s so funny! Plus its ALL in 3D

Are you excited to see yourself in 3D? I cant even imagine what its going to be like to see myself on the big screen in 3D!!!

What other projects do you have coming up? I’m pretty excited about my new tv show coming out this fall on ABC! Its a very funny comedy called The Neighbors on Wednesday nights after Modern Family. Its funny that my character name is actually MAX also.

I am also working on a Dreamworks feature Film called Peabody and Sherman. I play Sherman and co- star with Mr Ty Burell as Mr Peabody! I’m really having lots of fun on this project!

What is your favorite thing about acting? I love the challenge of playing different characters that aren’t like me. I also like all of the GREAT people I have met and amazing places I have traveled for filming.

The Amazing Spider-Man is in theaters now!