Selena Gomez: My Next Album Will Be My “Tell-All, In A Way”


Selena Gomez has taken the last year away from music to focus on her movie career, as well as her fragrance and clothing line. The 19-year-old has had a nice break, but she’s ready to get back in the studio for her next album.

At the premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me, Selena chatted with MTV News about how this new album will show a whole new side of the singer/actress. “I have a thousand ideas. This album is going to be the first one that I’m actually going to spend as long as I want — it can be two months, it could be a whole year before this album comes out — so I’m going to have my freedom with it. It’ll be, like, my tell-all, in a way.”

So what exactly does Selena mean by “tell-all”? Well don’t expect too many details about her relationship with Justin Bieber. “Just experiences,” Selena continued. “I’m going to be able to talk about things that I’ve never really talked about before, just because the last records have been really rushed, so I’m just excited to be able to take my time with it.”

What do you hope to hear on Selena’s next record?