Exclusive: Debby Ryan Interview at the 3rd Annual Thirst Project Gala


Debby Ryan recently returned from an inspiring trip to India, which you can watch here.

When we saw her at the 3rd Annual Thirst Project Gala, we had to ask her about why she wanted to get involved and what tips she has for making a difference in the world.

“I just got back from India and over there I learned how important clean, safe drinking water is to an entire community…The Thirst Project was headed up by young people…I like the idea of brining awareness.”

She continued, “Tips are to be aware. To be conscious. Every time you turn on a faucet, every time you turn it off, every time you flush the toilet, take really long showers, be aware of what exactly that’s doing. If you don’t know, ask questions, google it, figure it out. Every single thing you’re doing makes a difference somewhere in the world.”

Watch the full interview below. (Sorry for the loud sound…mic malfunction)