The Kanima to Be Revealed Tonight on “Teen Wolf”


You know that crazy shape-shifter that’s been terrorizing everyone on “Teen Wolf”? Tonight we will finally get our answers.

In tonight’s episode, Derek is convinced that Lydia is the Kanima, forcing Scott to gather his friends and even some enemies to protect her. But are Derek’s instincts correct? Is somebody else actually the Kanima?

Tune in tonight at 10pm on MTV to find out who the mysterious shape-shifter is. Then following the show, stay tuned for “Teen Wolf Revelations,” the series’ first ever after-show at 11pm. The stars will discuss some of the biggest moments from season two, share behind-the-scenes secrets and more. Plus viewers will get an advanced look at next Monday’s new episode.

Check out a preview for tonight’s episode below. Who do you think the Kanima is