Exclusive: Adam Hicks and Doc Shaw Talk Season 3 of “Pair of Kings”


A brand new season of “Pair of Kings” kicks off at 8:30pm tonight on Disney XD and you can bet it’s going to be one wild season.

Adam Hicks joins the cast as Boz and lets just say, he is quite a unique king. He’s been raised by apes! In the premiere episode, when Boomer learns that Brady has left the island for good, he tries to follow him, but a storm forces him to stay behind. That same storm sinks a nearby island, sending its inhabitants to Kinkow, including their king who turns out to be Boomer’s long, lost triplet brother.

We visited the set of “Pair of Kings” recently where Adam and Doc Shaw not only gave us a tour of the set, but also spilled all the details you need to know about the new season.

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Season 3 premieres tonight. How is it different?
Adam: There’s still wacky adventures, there’s crazy writing. Doc and I’s synergy is really connected. We’re just rocking out, acting stupid and making comedy.
Doc: Season 3 is definitely different. You can expect a new king who is also my new brother. Expect new adventures, new mystery, new monsters, everything that you can expect from Kinkow, just expect it bigger and better.

How has Boomer changed from season 1 to season 3?
Doc: Boomer has definitely changed a lot. He’s changed because he’s had to become more mature. He has a new brother, he has to show him the ropes, show him the ways of doing things around Kinkow. Boomer definitely had to become more mature and try to teach right from wrong even though he’s the most childish person in the world.

Adam, what was it like joining the cast? I’m not going to lie, at first it was a little weird for me. It was different. They’ve already created a family because it’s the third season, but everyone was open arms, everyone accepted me. I feel like I’ve become part of the “Pair of Kings” family.

Do you have a favorite episode from Season 3?
Adam: The first episode, which brings me into the world of “Pair of Kings,” is a really good episode because it’s a two parter. It’s a little complex, very outrageous. It was my favorite because we started a two-parter immediately and it defines my character.
Doc: Not particularly one episode, I’m just excited for fans to see the new season. To see what they think and see if they like the changes we’ve made.

If you were king of your own island, what would it be like?
Adam: It’d be poppin’ always, like Las Vegas. It’d be 24 hours and partying and have beautiful lagoons and wonderful women. By law, you have to know how to rap by 10.
Doc: I’d want my island to just be max relaxed. Just ultimate calm, everybody’s just relaxing, it’s by the beach. So everyone is just chilling having a good time, no arguments.

Be sure to tune in to “Pair of Kings” on Disney XD at 8:30pm tonight!

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