Spider-Man and Wolverine Team Up This Father’s Day on “Ultimate Spider-Man”


Nick Fury steps in between Spider-Man and Wolverine in this new clip from “Ultimate Spider-Man.”

In honor of Father’s Day on June 17, Marvel Universe on Disney XD will present an “Ultimate Spider-Man” marathon from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., ET/PT, featuring an exciting new episode with Wolverine entitled “Freaky,” and a special edition of “Master Class.”

Who wouldn’t want to spend Father’s Day with two of the coolest superheroes?

In the episode entitled “Freaky,” Spider-Man and Wolverine (voiced by Steve Blum) must overcome their clashing styles and personalities to team up against super-villains Mesmero (voiced by Dwight Schultz) and Sabretooth (voiced by Peter Laurie). When they find themselves literally looking through each other’s eyes, ‘team-up’ takes on a whole new meaning. Be sure to tune in at 11am on Disney XD this Sunday!

Think you know everything about Mesmero and Wolverine? Click inside to see if you knew these fun facts…


1. What is Wolverine’s real name? (Logan) James Howlett

2. What are Wolverine’s mutant abilities? Retractable bone claws, enhanced senses and a healing factor

3. What is his favorite sport? Hockey

4. What super-strong metal alloy found in the Marvel Universe is bonded to Wolverine’s skeleton? Adamantium

5. Which Wolverine villain also has an accelerated healing factor? Sabertooth

6. What is Wolverine considered the best at? What he does.

7. Which Canadian super-hero team was Wolverine once a part of? Alpha Flight

8. Which mutant team originally headed by Charles Xavier is Wolverine a member of? X-Men

9. What covert program bonded Adamantium to Wolverine’s skeleton? Weapon X

10. Wolverine first appeared in issue #180 of what green behemoth’s series? Incredible Hulk

11. What mutant ability allows Wolverine to age slowly? Healing Factor

12. Where is Wolverine originally from? Canada


1. What is Mesmero’s real first name? Vincent

2. Who did Mesmero first work for? Magneto

3. What is Mesmero’s power? Mind control

4. True or False: Mesmero is a mutant. True

5. Other than the X-Men, what super hero team did Mesmero battle in Canada? Alpha Flight

6. Which agency closely associated with Wolverine brought Mesmero in to be a part of their team? Weapon X

7. During what event did Mesmero lose his powers? M-Day

8. When working with Magneto, who did Mesmero control? Polaris

9. When working with Weapon X, who did Mesmero control? Marrow and Sabretooth

10. When in London, what super hero team did Mesmero battle? Excalibur