Listen to Big Time Rush’s Single “Windows Down”


Big Time Rush has been counting down until the release of their new single “Windows Down” and now you can actually listen to the track!

The song premiered today and if it sounds a tad familiar, it’s because samples the famous “woo hoo” riff from Blur’s “Song 2.”

We are loving “Windows Down” and we are sure it’s going to be a Summer party anthem. The chorus goes, “Everybody knows that I want ya, If you want me baby show me, Roll the windows down let your hair flow, Let it all go tonight.”

“Woo hoo….All the windows down, Woo hoo….When I’m rolling through your town. Saying yeah yeah (2x)”

To read the full lyrics, go here. The band is gearing up to perform the single for the first time this weekend at the B96 Radio Show.

What do you think of “Windows Down”? The single will be available June 25.