Taylor Spreitler and Cody Linley: “Melissa and Joey” Season 2 Sneak Peek (Video)


Taylor Spreitler and Cody Linley share a kiss in this sneak peek from season 2 of “Melissa & Joey”.

Season 2 looks like it will definitely bring more laughs and more romance. The show premieres on May 30 at 8pm with back-to-back episodes.

In I Can Manage,” Mel is feeling the pressure of balancing the massive home renovation with her duties at work. Determined to have the house fixed as quickly as possible, Joe convinces a reluctant Mel to put him in charge of the construction. But Joe’s management style only makes things worse. Meanwhile, Lennox is thrilled when her school wants to put on her original play, but the reaction is not quite what she had hoped.

Then in “If You Can’t Stand the Heat,” Mel is charmed by her “cabinet guy,” but is less charmed by Joe’s reaction to him, leading them to a fight about being too involved in each other’s lives. However, their decision to give each other privacy, does not turn out as planned. And Lennox is horrified at being appointed to her school’s “spirit committee,” until she meets the club’s president.

Check out a preview of what’s to come in season 2 below.