Full Episode: Watch Cody Simpson, Joe Jonas and Emma Roberts Get Robbed, Steal and Out Smart “Punk’d” (Video)


“Glee” star Heather Morris took the “Punk’d” reigns on Thursday night to go after some of our favorites – Cody Simpson, Joe Jonas and Emma Roberts.

In a prank that reminds us a big of when the “IRS” took Justin Timberlake’s stuff, Cody Simpson gets robbed by his “driver” who forgets to pick him up after a performance. Turns out there’s just not one person in his house taking his stuff. Cody really loves his Christmas tree. The best part, Cody’s whole family is in on the prank.

The next heartthrob up for a good punk’ing is Joe Jonas. Little does Joe know that he’s not really visiting his friends but walking into a burglary in progress. The robber asks Joe to help him move a TV to his car and Joe, being the nice guy he is, happily obliges. Helping out with the prank is “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson, whose boyfriend Ryan Good works on “Punk’d.” We love that Joe gives his name as Tom Cruz. Unfortunate for the Punk’d crew, Joe Jonas figures out he’s being punk’d. After the episode, Heather goes “who knew there was a smart Jonas.” It’s a good thing Joe also recently did a hidden camera show.

Heather’s last target is Emma Roberts and she has a little bit of a fro-yo accident.

Watch the full episode below and click inside to see the reaction videos. Which prank was your favorite?