“Teen Wolf” Unveils the First 10 Minutes of Season 2 (Video)


It’s here! Take a look at the first 10 minutes of “Teen Wolf” season 2!

We’ve been teased with the trailer and now that we have the first 10 minutes, we can definitely tell this season will be darker and more dramatic than the first.

The clip opens with Jackson (Colton Haynes) emerging from the lake where we assume he underwent his transformation to werewolf, but it also looks like he’s been attacked. (Hello new ripped body Colton!) We also get a flashback of Allison and Scott being confronted by Allison’s father where she promises to not see Scott again if he spares his life. How long will that arrangement last though?

Check out the full 10 minutes below to see just what’s happened to Stiles, Lydia and the rest of the characters. Stiles is still one of our favorite TV characters. So funny!

Click inside for new promo photos from season 2. “Teen Wolf” premieres June 3 after the MTV Movie Awards.

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