Watch “Glee’s” Props/Nationals Performances (Video)


Last night was a big night for gleeks. Not only was there 2 hours of “Glee,” but it was also the big Nationals episode.

There were lots of laughs (hello body switching) and emotional moments (Coach Beiste & Puck, hello tears) but there was also some great performances.

The episodes featured two Celine Dion songs – “Because You Loved Me” and “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” and Lea Michele totally nailed the latter. Amazing.

Other performances included “Paradise by the Dashboard” and “Starships.”

Click inside for all the performances…Don’t forget the season finale is next week. Also – SPOILER ALERT – Yay for the New Directions winning Nationals & Mr. Schuester winning teacher of the year!

Which performance was your favorite?