Nina Dobrev Reveals Got Milk? Ad + What’s Next for “The Vampire Diaries”


Nina Dobrev and her mom Michaela Constantine wear matching milk moustaches in their new Got Milk? Ad.

The duo have teamed up for the Like Her, Like Me milk campaign which celebrates special moments mothers and daughters share and the power of positive influence. Along with Seventeen, Nina and her mom will search for three mother-daughter teams who exemplify what it means to be good role models for each other. The winners will get their own got milk? ad that will be featured in one of the issues of Seventeen this fall.

Did you catch that season finale of “The Vampire Diaries”? Is Elena really a vampire? What will happen now that Klaus is inside Tyler?

TVLine & TV Guide both chatted with Julie Plec to get all the answers. Click inside for more scoop on season 4 of TVD…

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Scoop from TVLine:

At PaleyFest, when someone asked if Elena will become a vampire like in the books, you very coyly replied, “We’ll see.” How hard was it to keep this secret? Oh my God, when that person asked, my heart just fell down from my chest to my toes! All I thought was, “Answer this as though she isn’t. As you would answer it if you hadn’t spend the entire year in the writers room planning for this.” [Laughs]

So she’s definitely becoming a vampire? They’re going to try to pull out all the stops to try to prevent it when we come back, but I think the writing is on the wall as far as her journey.

In the past, Elena’s been very adamant about not wanting that life. How will this affect her? It’s going to affect her in a lot of ways. It changes everything for her. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be a struggle. It’s going to illuminate a lot of things about who she is, and it’s going to screw with her head and her emotions. It’s going to be tough. But the beauty of Elena is now we’ll get to see her try to rise above it and be a champion in spite of this. We’ll see how hard that is and how long it takes her to become a functioning vampire, if at all.

At what point did you come up with the idea that Damon met Elena first and erased her memory of that moment? The details of that scene happened as we were talking about the end of the season. But the question that we’ve always had since the beginning of the series in the writers room is, “Where was Damon while Stefan was entering school and meeting Elena?” Damon came into the pilot armed with a lot of knowledge, which, in my opinion, implies that he’s been there for a little while. So we’ve always wanted to ask and answer that question. It felt like the right answer there was [that] he was having his own experience with Elena. [Laughs]

One of the side effects of becoming a vampire is that she’ll remember all the things Damon compelled her to forget. How will that effect Elena’s choice? It’s just more information. I don’t think anything is going to make her sit up and say, “Oh my God, I made the wrong decision!” and change her mind in Episode 1 [of next season]. But in the ongoing journey of her point of view about how she feels about each of these brothers, it’s going to impact her feelings for Damon and her understanding of Damon.

Does Damon stand more of a fighting chance with her now?
Both brothers continue to stand a fighting chance because we’re only halfway through the series. So yes. [Laughs]

From TV Guide:

How soon will we see Elena’s transition? The transition of it all will take place in the first episode. There’s a nice 24-hour window there and that will be particularly dramatic and traumatic. Looking past that, all I can say is if Elena becomes a vampire, if you really think about who she is and what we’ve seen in her, she’s fiercely protective, she spent a lot of time in this last season getting physically stronger, her compassion is her greatest gift and her greatest weakness, so in death that becomes magnified.

When will the others learn about Bonnie’s spell? Bonnie’s first thing that’s going to have to happen is that we’re going to learn how long she has to keep this secret, what kind of bargain she made with Klaus, is she going to be able to tell her friends, specifically Caroline, right away? As a witch who can be looked at for solution, trying to figure out a way to keep Elena from having to be a vampire is going to be high on her priority list and she’s going to have a very limited amount of time to do it. In the first episode, we’ll see Bonnie step right up to the precipice of the darkest form of her magic and need to either jump on in or stay back on the ledge.

And how will Caroline react to all of this information? She’s just been completely bamboozled and experienced the most horrifying and devastating moment of her entire life, so realizing that it wasn’t real and that all of those painful goodbyes were not Tyler but were with Klaus, that’s going to be a low blow.