Exclusive: Jennifer Veal Dishes on Playing Twins on “Jessie,” Writing with Chris Galya and “Victorious”


Jennifer Veal returns to “Jessie” tonight and you’ll get to see a whole other side of her.

Jennifer has been recurring on the hit Disney Channel show as the evil rival nanny Agatha with one heck of a snaggle tooth. On tonight’s episode, “Evil Times Two,” we’ll get to meet Agatha’s twin sister Angela. Lets just say, she might not be as sweet as she looks.

We had the chance to chat with Jennifer all about the episode, working on some comedy sketches with co-star Chris Galya, and even about her upcoming appearance on “Victorious.”

“Evil Times Two” is a big episode for you. What can you tell us about it? I’m so excited. I play twins and it’s been a dream of mine since I watched The Parent Trap all those years ago. It was just so much fun. I have to talk to myself a lot of the time, but I’m quite used to that. Playing such opposite characters is a challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire week.

Angela and Agatha are evil in different ways. Was it fun portraying that? I think Jessie is confused by what [Angela] looks like when she first meets her in Central Park because her and Agatha have this thing going on. Then I end up moving into the Ross home as the live-in maid. I think that Agatha is much more manipulative and by the end you definitely see her other side. It’s one that shouldn’t be missed.

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Do you have a favorite memory from making this episode? Definitely. At the end of the episode – SPOILER ALERT – I end up in a mud bath. In the promos you do kind of see that slightly but we did a lot of stunts in the spa scene at the very end. Jessie kind of calls Angela out over behavior and me and Debby end up have a little to-do in the spa area. Avocado face masks and mud and water is all involved. That was very exciting to shoot. Me and Debby have such good chemistry that it’s just funny. The problem is, she’s one of my best friends so then when I’m throwing stuff at her and pulling her around the set, afterwards I’m like, “Debby I’m so sorry!”

Will we see more of Angela and Agatha in the future? You never know! I hope so.

What is it like working with the cast – Debby, Chris Galya and the kids? It’s the best experience ever. I honestly do love them all and it was kind of a changing experience for my career here in the states. It was such a perfect family of people for me to make that transition with. It’s so friendly and I want to be a bigger sister figure for the girls and the boys. Chris Galya is just on the next level. He’s so funny, he cracks me up. We get along very well.

You and Chris both do great impressions. Have you ever thought about collaborating? That is the plan! We’re writing some sketch stuff together at the moment and we’re hoping to get it onto Youtube or something like that. We have the same wavelength of comedy and what we like to do regarding writing. It’s really nice to find someone your age with the same sort of ambitions and drive. We’ve done a TV show so now we’re like, let’s write one! Definitely some stuff coming from the two of us in the future which is going to be a blast.

If you had to hang out with either Angela or Agatha for a day, who would you hang out with? That’s so tricky. I would probably say Agatha. She’s straightforward and to the point. Angela is kind of nice but then would probably run off and say something about you. Agatha would just say, “yeah, you don’t look very nice today.”

You also guest star on a new 1-hour special of “Victorious.” What can you tell us? I shot the 1-hour special which was an absolute joy. The cast is really cool. I play a British music producer, kind of like Simon Cowell. That was a fun time.

What was it like working with the cast of “Victorious”? It was different because they’re obviously older. That was kind of cool. Completely different humor, completely different set style. The way that they shoot is very different. It’s a good episode. Ariana Grande is just so lovely. We got along very well.

What are three reasons people should tune into “Jessie” tonight? 1. You’ll see two of me, which is really kind of cool but slightly creepy. 2. There’s a lot of stunt work and me and Debby did a majority of it all ourselves. THere’s a lot of humor. 3. Peyton, as beautiful as she is, gets this giant zit which I’m sure everyone has gone through.

Do you have any message for your fans? Thank you so much for the support that I’ve been given so far. I’ve been so well accepted into the States and I couldn’t have done it without everyone who’s been supporting me along the way. I love you all!

Be sure to watch “Jessie” tonight at 8pm on the Disney Channel. You can follow Jennifer on twitter here: @jenniferveal.