New “Teen Wolf” Season 2 Images + Unlock the First 10 Minutes of the Season


Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey share a kiss in this new still from season 2 of “Teen Wolf”.

The new season promises even more suspenseful drama. Scott McCall, an ordinary teenager with a wild secret, continues to find himself caught in a supernatural war between hunters and werewolves. While navigating the complicated roadways of high school, Scott must keep his forbidding romance with Allison a secret and protect himself from new Alpha wolf Derek. Scott will have to trust his instincts above all else if he hopes to end the war in Beacon Hills and keep his friends and family safe.

The new trailer was just released and don’t forget that if you get it to 5 million views before June 3, the first 10 minutes of the season will be released! We know we’ve said it before, but we’d really love to see those 10 minutes, so make sure to spread the word!

Season 2 will premiere Sunday, June 3rd following the MTV Movie Awards, then return to its regular position Mondays at 10pm!

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