Full “Teen Wolf” Season 2 Trailer Tests Family Ties, Brings New Werewolves and A New Enemy (Video)


Trust the instinct.

The teaser for “Teen Wolf” season 2 was released last week and now we finally get the full trailer!

Season 2 is definitely promising some darker drama. We’ll meet Allison’s grandfather who is seeking revenge for the death of his daughter, it looks like Derek is wreaking havoc turning people into werewolves. We get our first peek at Gage Golightly as one of those werewolves.

It also looks like there is a new enemy threatening the pack. Some kind of shapeshifter who is called an “abomination.”

Intense! Check out the full trailer below. When the trailer hits 5 million views, the first 10 minutes of the season premiere will be released.

“Teen Wolf” season 2 premieres on MTV June 3, 2012.