Demi Lovato Sees a Ghost and Ashley Tisdale Gets Punk’d…A Second Time (Video)


Nick Cannon took over the reigns on “Punk’d” last night going after Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato and the New Boyz.

Ashley has been punk’d before…remember at the hospital when she sang “Kiss the Girl” to patients? This time around, her friend Phil picked her up to go bowling and they have an encounter with a window washer that goes a little awry. He gets dragged behind the car! Needless to say, the Tiz freaks out and the fact that the people who stop by to help think it’s awesome is not any consolation.

Next up, Nick enlists Jack and Alex from All Time Low to help get Demi. ATL invites Demi to the Chaplin Studios to listen to some of their new music but when some weird interference messes up the tracks, they call in maintenance. The tech (played by actor Andrew) comes in, he starts talking all about the legends and ghosts of the building. Then…a ghost appears and the freak outs begin.

Watch the full episode of “Punk’d” below and click inside to see Demi and Ashley’s interviews after the show.