Savannah Outen Lands Role in “Take A Chance”


Savannah Outen is ready to “Take A Chance”!

The singer/songrwiter has landed a role in the new movie Take A Chance opposite Cassie Scerbo and Alex Heartman. Shooting is set to take place in Birmingham, AL this month.

Savannah shared the news via twitter saying, “I can finally announce that I’ll be playing the role of “Amanda” & writing 3 songs for a film called “Take A Chance”!!! I am SO excited!”

The story follows Masa (Mackenyu Meada) an attractive, charismatic, privileged 16 year old Japanese high school student. In order to establish some discipline in his life, his father sends him to a close-friend and karate master in the United States to study as an Uchi Deshi– a dedicated student of martial arts. With American dreams of New York, Hollywood, and Disney World dancing in his head, Masa is rudely awakened to his new home…Alabama…and, to his uber-strict existence as a 24/7 martial arts warrior-in-training. While there, he meets Cynthia (Cassie Scerbo), the beautiful, spunky whirlwind of girl who isn’t your typical southern belle. They form a close friendship that evolves to young love.

The film also stars Masashi Odate (“The Last Samurai”), and Sonny Chiba (“The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”).

Congrats Savannah! Also, Savannah recently won the Northwest region Billboard Battle of the Bands. This month, the six finalists will roadtrip to Las Vegas to play head-to-head at our Battle of the Bands gig on May 18. The ultimate winner will perform at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards on May 20.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at Savannah’s Billboard photoshoot below.