Selena Gomez Films Funny or Die Video!


Selena Gomez gets surprised by cupcakes at her interview with Z100’s Elvis Duran on Thursday afternoon.

Selena chatted with the Elvis about her single “Hit the Lights,” her upcoming movies and more. Elvis and the Insider also got a sneak peak of Selena on set at a private residence, and then Elvis surprised Selena with a gift from her home state of Texas, a trendy fringe bag made by McFadin. The bags, produced by a duo of sisters are all custom made with vintage studs and have been worn by Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough and Kim Kardashian. Selena and crew then enjoyed a cupcake tower of pink and white Cold Stone ice cream cupcakes in cake batter, sweet cream, and chocolate before Selena grabbed a pack to take home for a night in.

Selena also filmed a Funny or Die video today. They tweeted, “Just finished shooting with @SelenaGomez! Brace yourselves for the best video of all time.”

We can’t wait to see what the video is. We know Selena is currently promoting her perfume, so it might be themed around that. Keep an eye out for the video next month.

Did you see the cute picture Selena instagramed yesterday of her and Taylor Swift dancing and making cupcakes? So cute. Check it out below as well as a set interview with Selena from Spring Breakers.

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