Exclusive: Claire Holt Dishes on Ian Somerhalder’s Kissing Skills and What’s Next on “The Vampire Diaries” (Video)


Claire Holt shows off her straight hair at the Official Launch Of BritWeek 2012 in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Claire currently stars as original vampire Rebekah on “The Vampire Diaries,” and if you saw last week’s episode, you know there was a big twist at the end. SPOILER Alert: Rebekah’s mother Esther took over Rebekah’s body and entered the cave where vampires are not allowed to go to get the stake from Alaric.

So what does this twist mean for the show? Claire told us at the IS Foundation Influence Affair event, “Esther has some motives and she wants her children dead. You’re going to see her go about trying to achieve that. It’s going to be interesting.”

And Claire has had some intense scenes with Ian Somerhalder on the show. So what’s something we might not know about the hunk? “He’s a really good kisser. Yep, that’s what I think everyone would like to know. Amazing, wonderful kisser.”

Watch our full interview with Claire below. She chats about what to expect from the finale and about the originals. She promises lots of twists!

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