McFly Hopes to Return to America This September!


In the past year, the UK bands like One Direction and The Wanted have found success in the US and now we hear one of our favorite UK bands, McFly, might return to the States soon!

We have loved McFly for a long time and the last time they ventured to the States to perform was when they were promoting Just My Luck in 2006. It’s long overdue for these gents to make their return.

The band recently chatted with Billboard where they shared they do have plans to perform a few shows in the US in September.

“We just want to go over and do some small shows for the fans that we know we have there,” says McFly’s co-lead singer and guitarist Tom Fletcher. “We’ve been wanting to do that for years and years and years and years. But we’ve just never had the opportunity, or something else has come up.”

“We have some fans in America that have been fans for like eight or nine years — right from the beginning — so much so that they fly over to see us in the U.K. It’s amazing that they are so dedicated. So I think we owe it to them to come over.”

We cannot wait! The guys are currently working on their sixth album, which is due out in June. So what do the guys of McFly think of One Direction? Well if you’re a fan of both groups, then you probably know Tom Fletcher wrote “I Want” which is on 1D’s debut album Up All Night.

“When I was in the studio with them, I was like, ‘Guys, you don’t understand, you’re going to be massive,'” Fletcher says. “They’re all awesomely talented guys, stupidly good-looking of course, as well. Young. They’ve got everything. They’ve got the whole package. But none of them realized it. They’re all very humble and down to earth. It just reminded me of exactly of how we were like when we started.”

So are you as excited as we are about the possibility of McFly performing in the US?! Let us know. Read the full Billboard interview here.