Exclusive: Debby Ryan Says “Jessie” Will Save the Day (Video)


We had the chance to chat with Debby Ryan yesterday at the premiere of Chimpanzee at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Debby revealed that there’s some big stuff coming up soon on “Jessie.” “[Expect] more hijinks, you’re going to learn more about Jessie, there’s going to be a bit more Tony, there’s a huge lizard surprise that’s going to blow you away, Jessie may or may not save the day, and there’s a big change in Zuri’s life with Millie the mermaid,” Debby told us.

So what will Jessie save everyone from? We can’t tell you but it’s big!

Check out the rest of the interview with Debby below. Disneynature’s Chimpanzee opens in theaters April 20.