One Direction: No Collaboration with Justin Bieber!


Well Directioners and Beliebers, this is either great news or sad news, depending on how you feel about One Direction and Justin Bieber.

After Liam Payne and Niall Horan talked about being in the studio with Justin earlier this week, word quickly spread that the group was doing a collaboration with the Biebs. Well, it looks like there is no collaboration.

One Direction took a break from rehearsing for “Saturday Night Live” to chat with Access Hollywood where they said, ““No, we just went down there to have a look around at his recording stuff and he invited us down to have a listen to his album.”

“He’s a nice guy and we had a good [listen] to the album, but I don’t think there’s any collaboration in the cards,” Liam continued.

So, bummer. No JB/1D song in the works. Can you imagine how epic that would be for the pop world?

Don’t forget to watch the guys on “iCarly” and “Saturday Night Live” tonight. Did you hear the guys sold out their show at Madison Square Garden? Congrats! Click inside for more interviews with 1D…