One Direction Shows Off Acting Skills on “iCarly” Tomorrow


Harry Styles of One Direction lays in bed sick in this new photo from tomorrow’s new episode of “iCarly.”

The UK superstars guest star on the episode entitled, “iGo One Direction,” where they will show off their acting chops and also perform their hit single “What Makes You Beautiful.”

MTV visited the set of “iCarly” to talk with the cast about having the boy band on the show.

“Having One Direction on set was really cool, we didn’t really know what to expect from them, because we had heard that they didn’t really have any acting experience because they have a lot of lines and are almost in every scene. So we were uncertain as to how well the shooting would go,” Nathan Kress said. “But we were all very pleasantly surprised they did very, very well, especially Harry, because he had to pretend to be sick the whole time. … It was cool, just seeing the five of us mesh with the five of them.”

Miranda Cosgrove added, “I’ve known about them for probably the last two years, so I liked them a lot. I was really excited to have them on the show. Every one of them was really funny and they all knew their lines and I think they have very good chemistry and they seem like really good friends.”

And if you know anything about 1D, then you know they have very passionate fans. “It was a crazy day here,” Noah Munck said. “Along the fence of our studio was like maybe 200 screaming girls. I’m like, ‘Oh are they here for me?’ No, they’re here for the band. I hear they tried to push the gates down to get in. It got intense.”

“iGo One Direction” premieres tomorrow night on Nickelodeon at 8pm and then you can catch the boys of One Direction on Saturday Night Live at 11:30pm on NBC.

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