New Promos for “The L.A. Complex” Show Drama, Drama Drama and We Love It! (Video)


We cannot tell you how excited we are for “The LA Complex”!

The CW just released a new extended promo for the Canadian drama which promises lots of just that…drama!

The show follows a bunch of young people living at an apartment complex in LA trying to follow their dreams, whether it be acting, music producing or dancing. Hold on, we know what you’re thinking…kinda sounds like “Melrose Place” right? Think again.

We’ve had a chance to see the first two episodes of the show, which is also already airing on Canada, and it is way better than what the CW hoped the Melrose 2.0 reboot would be. The show is not about the glitz and the glamor of Hollywood, it’s about people actually struggling to make it. There’s failure, there’s success, there’s love and there’s heartache.

The show will premiere on April 24 at 8pm on the CW and stars Cassie Steele, Jewel Staite, and Jonathan Patrick Moore. We’re already addicted to the show, which makes it good that it was picked up for another 13 episodes, making 19 in total!

Check out the promo below and let us know if you’ll be tuning in.