Exclusive: Adam Hicks Dishes on Zeke & Luther’s Big Adventure to Hollywood


“Zeke & Luther” is going Hollywood!

In the 2-part special, “There’s No Business Like Bro Business,” Zeke and Luther submit a video of themselves to a TV show contest and then set off for Hollywood to hopefully win the show’s grand prize, which will help them train for Nationals. While sightseeing on their skateboards, they befriend actor Vin Jackman and his girlfriend, Courtney Mills (Guest Star Debby Ryan). When Zeke is offered an acting job and Luther’s rap music talents are discovered by record producer Three J, it may be time for them to abandon their quest to become world–famous skateboarders.

We had a chance to chat with “Zeke & Luther” star Adam Hicks about the big episode.

The episode is all about Zeke & Luther adventuring to Hollywood. Do you remember your first visit to Hollywood? Yes, when I was first signed by an Agent, my Mom and I flew out and we went to all the landmarks. I remember putting my hand in Jim Carrey’s hand on the side walk as he has always been one of my idols.

This is a big 2-part episode. What was your favorite part of filming it? It was fun to know it was a two-part episode and that fans would have a longer episode. We had so much fun filming it as I was able to expand more on the theme and situations since it was longer than the usual half hour series.

Debby Ryan guest stars in the episode. What was it like having her on set/working with her? Debby is a great person, and it was fun finally working with her. We found out we both love music, so we really hit it off.

For someone visiting Hollywood for the first time, where are some places they definitely need to check out? I would say of course go to Universal Studios, that is a great day out. The producers of “Zeke and Luther” took Hutch and I horseback riding in the Hollywood Hills, and it was such a wonderful view and a really amazing experience! Also I love the restaurant “Cantors,” and of course there is the “Grove” which is pretty amazing for visitors.

Zeke & Luther enter a TV contest. Have you ever entered any funny/weird contests? When I was little, I entered a contest to be a storm chaser. I thought that would be exciting and brave, and I made up this whole speech about chasing tornados. I actually won, and they flew me to New York. It was really cool!

You get to show off your rapping skills in this episode. How much fun was that? That is a huge love of mine, so it was great the writers wrote that in for me. I was just thrilled to say the least!

Can we expect any music from you outside of the show? Yes, I am always in the music studio and writing my own lyrics. I have actually had some interest to lay a track down in London, so I am really excited about that.

We know you’re working on Pair of Kings now, but what has been your favorite thing about being a part of “Zeke & Luther”? I love all the people on “Zeke and Luther.” We have all become one big happy family, and I will treasure these friendships for years to come.

Be sure to catch the special 2-part episode of “Zeke & Luther” on Monday, April 2 at 8:30pm on Disney XD. Check out photos here and two clips below!